The Collaboration on Social Science and Immunisation (COSSI) network is a collective of people from Australia and around the world who work collaboratively to improve vaccine acceptance and uptake by understanding barriers and enablers of immunisation.

Social science and immunisation refers to our interest in the role society, culture, communication, politics, policy and psychology play in immunisation acceptance and uptake.

COSSI includes social scientists, communication experts, political scientists, paediatricians, immunisation experts, infectious disease physicians, students and consumer advocates.

COSSI was established by NCIRS and the University of Sydney in 2016.

  • What does COSSI do

    The aim of COSSI is to better inform Australian immunisation policy and practice with high quality evidence from the social sciences. The objectives of the network are to facilitate communication and collaboration between those working in the social science of immunisation, share research and findings, and to build capacity in research, evaluation, and translation.

    Activities of COSSI include regular knowledge exchange meetings, seminars/webinars, and a biennial one-day meeting preceding the PHAA National Immunisation Conference. Members can also communicate with each other via the COSSI email list.

  • How is COSSI funded

    COSSI receives secretariat support from NCIRS. Membership is free. COSSI does not accept sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Who can join COSSI

    Anyone with an interest in social science and immunisation can join COSSI. Many of our members are health professionals who deliver and communicate about immunisation regularly. Some members work in public health policy or government. Others are academic researchers, lecturers, or students interested in different aspects of social science and immunisation. Some members represent consumers.

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