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NCIRS expert attends advanced vaccinology course in France

In May 2024, NCIRS Global Health Technical Lead Dr Sarah Sheridan became one of approximately 1,500 immunisation professionals who have been selected, over the past 20-plus years, to attend the prestigious Advanced Course of Vaccinology (ADVAC), which is held annually at the Les Pensières Center for Global Health in Annecy, France. 

The aim of ADVAC – which is jointly organised by the Mérieux Foundation and the University of Geneva – is to facilitate critical decision-making in the global immunisation domain by giving participants a 360-degree overview of all aspects of modern vaccinology. 

By expanding attendees’ knowledge in areas beyond their current expertise, the course – which runs over a two-week period and is staged in a residential environment – prompts participants to think more globally and holistically, furnishing them with a unique skillset to develop their leadership in vaccinology.

The course lectures are given by a faculty of over 70 leading global experts. Participants come from low-, middle- and high-income countries from around the world and are affiliated with academia, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and industry. 

Dr Sheridan said, ‘I was honoured and delighted to be chosen to attend ADVAC in 2024. The course augmented my existing knowledge, broadening my horizons and networks, and will contribute to furthering my work strengthening immunisation systems, policymaking, access and uptake in the Indo-Pacific region.

‘I particularly enjoyed interacting with other participants, learning from the opportunities and challenges each are facing across the globe.’

Dr Sheridan is one of 10 NCIRS vaccinology experts to have attended ADVAC in recent years.