Wed, 30/06/2021 | News

AusVaxSafety hits 1 million mark in COVID-19 vaccine safety survey analysis

More than 1 million day 3 post-vaccination safety surveillance surveys have now been completed by COVID-19 vaccine recipients across Australia as part of the AusVaxSafety COVID-19 safety surveillance program.

Led by the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, AusVaxSafety is conducting comprehensive active safety monitoring of all COVID-19 vaccines used in Australia to ensure that the vaccines are safe and to provide transparent data to healthcare providers and the public.

The surveys are designed by vaccine experts and give participants the opportunity to report any adverse events they may have after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, via SMS or email. 

Once a survey is completed, de-identified data are provided to AusVaxSafety to be analysed and monitored for safety signals in near-real time. These data are analysed by brand, time since vaccination, dose and other key demographics, which gives a complete picture of how the vaccines are performing in real-world conditions.

AusVaxSafety releases updated COVID-19 vaccine safety data, including data specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to the public every week. 

To date, the data reported are consistent with those seen in clinical trials and surveillance in other countries, reaffirming the safety of the vaccines currently in use in Australia.

View the latest AusVaxSafety COVID-19 safety data here

This milestone has been made possible by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health; collaboration with state and territory health departments; AusVaxSafety surveillance tools Smartvax and Vaxtracker; and COVID-19 vaccine recipients who completed the survey.