Vaccination providers can record vaccinations that were administered to children overseas on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Recording these vaccinations on the AIR facilitates: 

  • a complete Immunisation History Statement 
  • identification of any need for catch-up vaccinations  
  • access to family assistance payments for eligible families. 

The vaccination evidence must be provided in English. Vaccination evidence that is in another language can be translated into English by an accredited translator free of charge. Foreign language guides are listed under ‘Further information’ below. 

Vaccinations can be recorded directly via the AIR site, via the use of software (see below) or by completing an official AIR form and uploading it via HPOS. 

Using the AIR site 

Locate the individual’s AIR record, or refer to instructions on the AIR site to create a new record. From the drop-down menu options on the Record Encounter page, select the following:  

  • Who performed the immunisation encounter: Select This encounter was performed overseas. 
  • Country of immunisation: Select the country where the vaccine was administered. 
  • Schedule: Select Other; this allows access to record a range of vaccines. 
  • Date of service: Insert the date on which the vaccine was given. 
  • Vaccine/brand: Where the vaccine brand name is unknown or not listed, type ‘Generic’ and select from the generic vaccine/antigen list. 
  • Batch number: Serial number: Insert the batch number and/or serial number. If unknown, insert ‘notrecorded’ (no space). 
  • Dose: Include the dose number. 
  • (Optional): To add another vaccine given on the same date, click the + sign. 
  • Select Add, then Submit, to record the encounter. 
  • After all records have been added, click Individual details to refresh the data.   

Important: If a ‘Partially processed’ message appears, contact the AIR on 1300 650 039 to review the record. Some overseas schedules do not align with Australia’s National Immunisation Program Schedule and may need to be reviewed before being accepted.  

Using software 

Your software developer can provide advice on submitting vaccination encounters to the AIR via software for children whose vaccinations were administered overseas.  

Using the immunisation history form 

Where access to the AIR site or software is not available, providers can complete the IM013 Form and submit it via Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).  

Further information 

Catch-up resources

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Last updated October 2023