Infants who are not yet enrolled in Medicare can have their vaccination encounters recorded directly onto the AIR following vaccination. 

Using the AIR site

1. Search the AIR for an existing AIR record to prevent creating a duplicate record. When conducting the search, enter:

  • Baby’s first name
  • Mother or Father’s surname 
  • Baby’s date of birth

The AIR will display the infant’s details if they are registered on the AIR, and a new encounter can then be recorded.

2. If no AIR record can be located, then a new record can be created by entering the following information: 

  • First name: The registered or intended first name of the baby Note: Where the baby has not been named, use the term ‘Baby of’ as the first name.  For a multiple birth, use ‘Baby 1 of’, ‘Baby 2 of’. 
  • Surname: Mother’s surname  
  • Date of Birth:  Baby’s date of birth
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Address: Mother’s address (this should be the same as the address recorded on the mother’s Medicare records).

Using Software

Your software developer can provide advice on submitting vaccination encounters to the AIR via software for infants who are not yet enrolled in Medicare.


An infant will automatically be registered on the AIR once they have been enrolled in Medicare.  Any vaccination encounters recorded prior to Medicare enrolment will be combined under one record to ensure the infant has a complete immunisation history statement. 

Further information:

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Last updated October 2023