It is mandatory to record vaccine batch numbers when reporting COVID-19, influenza and National Immunisation Program funded vaccines to the AIR.

Recording the batch number:

  • helps individuals to maintain a complete record of their personal vaccinations
  • supports the completeness and reliability of national vaccination data held by the AIR
  • means the vaccine can be traced if an issue is identified with the vaccine batch.

The batch number:

  • only includes letters and numerals; there are no special characters
  • is not the same as a vial serial number, and these two numbers must not be substituted.

Using the AIR site

When recording batch numbers via the AIR site:

  • enter the batch number – or, if no batch number is provided, the lot number:
    • some vaccines (e.g. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines) have a lot number instead of a batch number. The lot number can be found where the batch number would be located on the vaccine box
  • where there is no batch or lot number, enter ‘notrecorded’ (as one word).

Using software

Your software vendor can provide advice on how to record batch numbers and submit vaccination encounters to the AIR using your software.

Using the immunisation history (IM013) form

Where access to the AIR site or software is not available, providers can complete the IM013 form and submit via Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS). When submitting through HPOS:

  • record the batch number next to the relevant vaccine (where there is no batch number, a lot number can be substituted, if provided)
  • where there is no batch or lot number, enter ‘notrecorded’ (as one word) instead.

Further information and useful links

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Last updated February 2024