It is mandatory to report all influenza vaccinations, including those administered to individuals who have opted out from sharing their immunisation history, to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).  Influenza vaccines administered overseas by a recognised vaccination provider can also be reported to AIR. If the vaccine was administered overseas and the batch number is not available, vaccination providers should enter ‘notrecorded’, (one word, no spaces) in the AIR.

Using the AIR

  • Select the correct vaccine name, vaccine code and batch number (compulsory fields)
  • Use the full vaccine brand name when conducting a search 
  • Select NIP or non-NIP when recording Afluria Quad or Fluarix Tetra
  • For vaccines administered before 31 January 2023, select an influenza vaccine brand name with an *(asterisk) preceding the name. 

Information about sending immunisation data to the AIR is available at: Submitting information using the AIR site.

Using software

  • Ensure the latest software version is installed to enable the full list of influenza vaccines.
  • A vaccine code and batch number are needed for every vaccination submitted via software.
  • If the software does not report influenza vaccinations to the AIR (including for non-Medicare individuals), vaccinations will need to be reported directly using the AIR Site or a form uploaded via HPOS.

Using a form uploaded via Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS)

  • Providers without access to the AIR Site or software can record vaccination details using an official AIR encounter or history form uploaded via HPOS.
  • It can take up to 14 days to update an individual’s AIR record when a vaccination encounter is submitted using a form.  Services Australia can assist with setting up access to AIR to lodge vaccination data directly without the need for a form.  

Information about the HPOS Form Upload facility to lodge forms with AIR is available on the Form Upload webpage.

Ensuring the correct vaccine (based on age requirements) is administered and reported will avoid a vaccine administration error being recorded, and further follow up required by Services Australia.
Discontinued influenza vaccine brands may no longer be available to report.  
It is mandatory to include a batch number when reporting influenza vaccines. 
Individuals can now access an Influenza and COVID-19 immunisation history statement 

Further information: 
•    Using the Australian Immunisation Register 
•    AIR general enquiries: 1800 653 809
•    AIR online helpdesk: 1300 650 039 

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Last updated October 2023