The first NCIRS seminar covers the internationally controversial area of pneumococcal vaccines for elderly adults. Persons over 65 have a progressively increasing incidence of pneumococcal invasive disease and pneumonia but both available vaccines have limitations. In Australia the PBAC has recommended, in principle, moving from 23 valent polysaccharide vaccine to 13 valent conjugate vaccine to prevent pneumonia.

Epidemiologists Prof. Robert Booy and Dr Sanjay Jayasinghe presented on the issues on Wednesday 22nd February 2017.

Video resources

Introduction by Prof. P. McIntyre and Talk 1: Pneumococcal disease epidemiology in the elderly & 13vPCV efficacy by Sanjay Jayasinghe


Talk 2: Comparing the effectiveness of polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine in bacteremic and non-bacteremic pneumonia: Focus on pneumococcal pneumonia by Prof. Robert Booy


Questions & Discussion: Pneumococcal Vaccines for Elderly Adults


Dr Sanjay Jayasinghe is Research Fellow at NCIRS and a member of the team that provides evidence-based support for immunisation policy development. HIs work involves assessment of the effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccinations in Australian children and the role of perinatal risk factors in the development of invasive pneumococcal disease.

Professor Robert Booy is the Head of Clinical Research at NCIRS. His research interests extend from understanding the genetic basis of susceptibility to, and severity of, infectious diseases, especially influenza and invasive disease caused by encapsulated organisms; the clinical, public health, social and economic burden of these diseases; and means by which to prevent or control serious infections through vaccines, drugs and non-pharmaceutical measures.

Last updated December 2018