First consider some of the reasons FOR vaccinating your child

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Reasons for MMR vaccination Very important
to me
Slightly important
to me
Not important
to me
My child will be better protected from common symptoms of these diseases such as rash, high fever, red and painful eyes, swollen glands and joint pain.      
My child will be better protected from the potentially serious complications of these diseases (e.g. encephalitis or death).      
I will not have to take time off work to care for my child if they get one or more of these diseases.      
My child won't face the restrictions imposed by some schools and childcare centres that exclude children who have not been vaccinated.      
If there is an outbreak of measles, mumps or rubella my child will be able to keep attending school or childcare.      
My vaccinated child is less likely to pass on diseases to the small number of children and adults who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons.      
Any other reason for having your child vaccinated with MMR that has not been listed?      

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